Track Your Progress

Make learning fun. When you instantly see how study skills improve from your efforts – that’s encouraging. Combine that with a clear path of what to do next – you will have success! All of that is here in the “My Progress” section.

Enjoy instant progress

Our ten-minute assessment will immediately evaluate your academic strengths and study skill weaknesses. Our graphs will quickly show you where you will get the most immediate benefit from your efforts.

Stay focused

Follow our learning plan. We have created an easy-to-follow learning plan as a step-by-step guide to good study and test taking skills. No matter what skills you are working on you will have a clear and simple path towards academic progress.

Overcome test anxiety and build learning confidence!

One of the best predictors of academic success is not previous grades or IQ – it is how confident and optimistic you are in the learning environment. The “My Progress” section offers instant feedback as you reduce your test anxiety and build courage to learn.