As a parent of high school or college students, you know that the next few years of their lives are crucial to their futures. How they perform in school can determine their career success, financial security, and overall happiness. The confidence and skills that come from scholastic achievements can build the foundation for a successful professional life, and give them the strength to conquer challenges. Wisdom of Learning uses research-backed methods that are proven to teach crucial skills like how to study for a test or how to take a test. These basic skills help students succeed in college or school by improving test performance. And that will further boost confidence, overcome anxiety, and generate success in many ways in the future. If your student is losing interest in school or career plans, missing classes, and underperforming in school, it is possible that educational anxiety could be to blame. Confidence in academic performance is integral to a student’s success. If a student has anxiety, his or her confidence will suffer, making it very hard for that student to overcome academic challenges. Test anxiety is usually caused by “poor preparation,” meaning that students are lacking basic skills like how to study for a college exam that are needed to learn and meet the challenges of a course. When this happens, students can’t compete with their peers, and quickly become discouraged and anxious.

We keep it simple

For most students, there is either a limit of time, focus, or patience, or a combination of all three. Yes, there are a flood of “helpful test taking tips” on the Internet and elsewhere. For some select students, these resources can be helpful; however, most find them confusing, time consuming, and ineffective. Time is limited! Wisdom of Learning information is presented clearly, systematically, and most importantly, simply!

We quickly assess an individual student’s needs

In just a couple of minutes, a student using Wisdom of Learning can identify what is hindering her or his ability to succeed, then use that information to quickly improve. Students get instant feedback on their progress. It is this quick, easy, and effective approach that helps a broad range of students.

We offer solutions in an encouraging and motivating way

We provide them with immediate feedback and clear examples of how to easily apply the information … and enjoy the benefits of more free time and improving grades. The students are encouraged to continue practicing, so they can continue improving. Over time, their confidence will return and their anxiety will diminish.

We speak to their learning style

Our information is offered in many forms: audio, writing, video, and pictures. All of these styles come with opportunities to quickly practice and get feedback.

We teach the skills of confidence

No matter how far your student advances, learning how to study and how to take a test will build confidence even as the work becomes more challenging and competitive. Fortunately, the skills for overcoming anxiety and building test taking confidence are well defined in the research that is the foundation of Wisdom of Learning.