Do you find that your students are lacking the learning skills they need to reach their full potential? The Wisdom of Learning program offers an online study skills class for a wide variety of essential learning skills. Based on psychological and performance research, Wisdom of Learning effectively teaches study skills and test taking skills that help students succeed. We help students overcome testing and performance anxiety that is often at the root of their difficulties. We employ proven methods to improve focus, encourage learning skill development, strengthen motivation, and decrease testing fears. Accelerate your students’ success by improving their foundation of learning skills and confidence.

Here are some reasons to sign up for Wisdom of Learning today!

  • Proven methods to improve learning and overcome testing anxiety.
  • Multi-media and interactive content to match individual learning styles.
  • Personalized learning plans to tailor the Wisdom of Learning program to each individual.
  • Quick assessments to identify areas of greatest benefit.
  • Progress summaries with immediate feedback.
  • Cloud-based – available anywhere, any time.
  • Group and organizational pricing available.

Help your students reach their full potential! Sign up today, and see how Wisdom of Learning can help prepare your students for academic success! Contact us today and learn how your program can:

  • Improve student retention
  • Decrease costs of instruction
  • Speed student learning and testing performance
  • Qualify for group pricing