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Do you worry that your home-schooled student is not reaching their full potential? Are you worried about what might happen when they go out into the pressure filled world of college? Wisdom of Learning offers critical home school resources that can help your child achieve all the necessary skills they need for academic success, including time management, confidence, and test and performance anxiety management. Our curriculum is perfect for home-schooled students because it is effective, fun to use, and online anytime. The easy to use interactive style allows students to work at their own pace. Progress summaries are available so parents can instantly check their progress. Our personalized learning plans will tailor the Wisdom of Leaning program in a way that provides the most benefit for your student.

Home School Resources Offered by Wisdom of Learning


  • Proven methods to improve learning and overcome testing anxiety.
  • Multi-media and interactive content to match individual learning styles.
  • Personalized learning plans to tailor the Wisdom of Learning program to each individual.
  • Quick assessment to identify areas of greatest benefit.
  • Progress summaries and immediate feedback.
  • Cloud-based – available anywhere, any time.


  • Group and organizational pricing available – Contact Us.

Accelerate your child’s success by improving their foundation of learning skills and confidence. Wisdom of Learning can help your student:

  • Speed up learning
  • Increase motivation
  • Build testing confidence