Proven Methods

With Wisdom of Learning, we give you powerful tools to build study and test taking skills for academic success. We base our work on solid research and years of experience helping students perform successfully.

What we have learned “Sixty-one percent of all students reported being affected by test anxiety’ (Bradley et al., 2007, xii). “Studies show that the higher the anxiety, the harder it is to learn and remember information” (Zeidner, 1998, p. 215). “Cognitive-behavioral method elevates grade point an average of three quarters of a standard deviation” (Zeidner, 1998, p. 377). “Optimism predicts college student success better than SAT scores or high school grades” (Goleman, 1997, p. 88).

What we provide Wisdom of Learning is one of the most comprehensive, research based, online programs available for quickly building academic skills and testing confidence. It has been created out of our years of experience and joy in helping hundreds of students and professionals excel. With Wisdom of Learning you will be learning powerful tools, (including cognitive and behavioral skills) to quickly build a foundation for learning optimism and academic excellence.

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Student Success Made Easy!

Study Skills

There are many assumptions about what a “good student” needs to know for study skills. Our first step was to summarize the research on study skills, identifying which are the most essential to improve academic performance. Additionally, we have presented these skills in ways that are simple and easy to use, maximizing the chances that these skills will be learned and applied in effective ways.

Overcome Anxiety

This program is not intended to replace professional counseling services or psychotherapy for an anxiety disorder or any mental health problem. However, many studies and our own personal experience have shown that “self-help” education and skill development tools, such as Wisdom of Learning, are often surprisingly effective in helping to improve academic confidence.


Yes, a little stress can help capture your attention. However, too much can cause big problems. Relaxation has many important benefits – it helps you notice stress early, it feels good, calms the mind, and creates an opportunity for your best academic performance.

Improve Motivation

As you probably know, it is not enough to offer effective information or skills. We have found that the student needs help in developing the motivation to learn, apply the learning, and succeed. We call it “self encouragement.” Much research shows that how information is presented can make a dramatic improvement in the motivation to learn. Every student differs in her or his readiness to learn. The presentation of material needs to be skillful and flexible.

Maximize Benefits

Of course, online learning is not designed to be a replacement for a person-to-person approach to learning. However, there are many unique advantages and some surprising evidence to support the effectiveness and advantages to online learning – in its most effective form.