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Masters: Public Health Preparing for MCAT

“I could definitely tell the difference in my test scores before and after Wisdom of Learning.

“Wisdom of Learning helped me be more positive for my tests.


Major: Business Management Minor: French, Global Business

” I would say to parents – if you are investing in your child’s future, Wisdom of Learning is really a good program for them “

“Wisdom of Learning is a great tool to learn the skills that will help you through college”

“I was less stressed. It helped me focus instead of worry…”


Major: Film and Video Production

“First time I used the meditation techniques on Wisdom of Learning… I was able to, a day later, look back at my project and have a different outlook.

“Procrastination was definitely my biggest problem in college… with using this program I learned how easy it is to procrastinate and how easy it is to not…