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Creating times of growth for individuals and organizations.

Personalized education services based on outcomes., is a product of SummerSmith, Inc., an Arizona corporation. is the essential learning tool for high school students, college students, and professionals. quickly provides student instruction in how to learn most efficiently and effectively, guiding them to overcome academic anxiety and learn with confidence, focus, and proven skills.

Wisdom of Learning begins with research-based methods for growing academic confidence and optimism. Proven learning methods are taught in a clear, interactive, multimedia environment – tailored to each student. Wisdom of Learning helps students learn only what they need, and immediately practice until the skills become natural and effortless.

Most college preparation programs are focused on mastering specialized content to improve testing scores. However, we find when a student has a foundation of exceptional learning skills, content mastery and retention are much easier and faster!

Learning skills and academic confidence are not complicated or difficult to improve. The time and effort required are minute compared to the rewards of time and effort saved. It doesn’t need to take a long time, yet not mastering these skills can have a major braking effect on a whole future of learning potential.

Wisdom of Learning is an ideal complement to any educational program, whether preparing for an entrance exam like the SAT, LSAT, GMAT, or professional certification exams like the CPA Exam, Bar Review, and the Medical Licensing Examination.

Program and Product Development

The owner of, SummerSmith, Inc., is also a program development consulting firm in the education, health, and wellness industries – founded by Janet Summers, M.Ed., and Reed Smith, M.Ed. Janet and Reed have made a life-long career of creating growth opportunities for individuals and organizations. They have helped thousands of individuals improve their academic, professional, and personal performance and confidence.

SummerSmith, Inc., has also played a leading role in the design, opening, and operation of several prominent and innovative health and wellness programs in the United States and Europe. Among their past clients are two of the top-10 health resorts in the world.

With SummerSmith’s guidance as a program development consultant, the Miraval Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona, received unparalleled national press and customer response. While Miraval was still early in the program development stage, the Wall Street Journal reported, “The luxury resort business sure has changed,” The Robb Report called the concept “unique and one of the best in the world,” Mirabella said, “How come it’s taken so long for someone to recognize the window in this market?,” and McCall’s exclaimed, “It’s about time someone came along with a concept this good!” Oh, and Oprah called it her “favorite place.”

Reed and Janet are embodiments of kindness. They are knowledgeable, skilled practitioners, fine listeners, and long-time practitioners of what they teach.For more than two decades, they have attempted ‘to walk their talk,’ making their lives and their work a single, seamless actuality.Rest assured, by participating in their workshops and programs, you will be in good and capable hands.”

Dr . Saki F. Santorelli, Ed. D.,
Executive director, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical Schooland author of the best-selling book Heal Thy Self: Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine


We want to thank the many organizations, individual students, and professionals who have contributed to the development of Please also refer to our References list for the many academic contributors and resources that have also been part our learning and professional development!

Special thanks go to the following:

All our mentors for their generous advise and wisdom.
Abe Zverow – Video Editing, Music
Betsy Lemer -Marketing
Glenn Silloway – Online Marketing
Jakub Kasztalski -Software development and Internet Marketing
Sarah Biebelhausen – Writing, Editing, Fearless Support
Sonya Manes – Editing
Gehring Miller – Music


Our offices are located in the central foothills of Tucson, Arizona.

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