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Better grades and test scores.

Wisdom of Learning offers powerful tools to quickly improve your academic performance and confidence.
Included are ways you:

  • Overcome your learning and testing fears.
  • Build the skills for getting better grades and scores – in much less time.
  • Improve your ability to mentally and physically relax.

Learning in the cloud!

A web-based course to maintain a competitive edge in college and beyond.

Ready for you any place, any time

Your learning, your style

Choose how you like to learn with videos, audio recordings, slide shows, and clear examples for refining your new skills

Visualize your Progress

Thanks to our quick assessments you can:
Easily identify what areas you need to improve.
Get instant feedback on your progress.
See your improvement with easy to understand charts and graphs.

Confidence and Optimism – the key to unlocking your potential!

Wisdom of Learning is the only on-line resource with a complete program for improving learning confidence and overcoming test-taking anxiety

From the classic book Emotional Intelligence.

…optimism predicts academic success. In a study of five hundred members of the incoming freshman class of 1984 at the University of Pennsylvania, the students’ scores on a test of optimism were a better predictor of their actual grades freshman year than were their SAT scores or their high school grades (Goleman, 1997, p. 88).